Queen Elizabeth Deck Plans

These are the Cunard Queen Elizabeth deck plans. It also feature a review of all facilities on the Cunard cruise ship Queen Elizabeth. Our MS Queen Elizabeth deck plan shows what is what and located where – cabins, public rooms and all areas. And here is the ms Queen Elizabeth ship cruise schedule with tickets prices.

Our Cunard Queen Elizabeth deck plan review is a deck by deck slicing of the QE ship. This way you will know all staterooms as location and numbers, and to which cabin categories they belong. Also where are all the QE ship bars and lounges, what are their names, and a concise info about each one’s specialties.

If you want to download the new Queen Elizabeth deck plans in pdf. This link opens in a new window, or you can save it on your hard drive with right mouse btn “save link as”. The following links are to the Cunard line’s official website, and this is for the ship’s Wiki article.

Cunard Queen Elizabeth deck plans

Cunard Queen Elizabeth Deck PlansCunard QE deck plans here are thumbnailed images and they open in the same windows – click on images to enlarge, Backspace to return to this page.

Cunard Queen Elizabeth ship has 16 decks and 12 of them are for passengers. There are 4 Hull decks (underwater located) utilized for passenger tendering services, crew cabins, storage spaces, engines, generators, etc.

QE Deck 1 planCunard Queen Elizabeth Deck 1 Plan

Queen Elizabeth deck 1 plan will show you QE’s lowest passenger deck with (left-right location) 2 of all 6 lifts, cabins, the ship’s 3-story Grand Lobby with a staircase, “Cunard ConneXions” (a computer centre), Internet Centre, Voyage Sales Desk (for passenger services). Follow more staterooms, and the the lower level of the QE’s “Royal Court Theatre”.

  • Cabin Categories on QE Deck 1 – Deluxe Insides (D2) and Oceanviews (C1, C2, C3).
  • “Cunard ConneXions” is the ship’s educational center integrated with the line’s onboard enrichment program “College at Sea”. This program is partnered with the Oxford University for presenting seminars and various themed lectures on history, politics, economy, etc.
  • The 830-seats QE “Royal Court Theater” is the venue for grand-scale music productions and shows and for projecting movies indoors.

QE Deck 2 planCunard Queen Elizabeth Deck 2 Plan

On the Queen Elizabeth deck 2 plan (left-right located) are: the lower level of Cunard’s Main Dining Room named “Britannia Restaurant”. Follow the “Britannia Club”,  “Cafe Carinthia”, “Champagne Bar”, the “Verandah Restaurant”, “The Library”‘s level 1, “Cunard Place”, “Queens Room”, “Queens Arcade”, “The Golden Lion”, “Empire Casino”, and the level 2 of the “Royal Court Theatre”.

  • The Queen Elizabeth ship’s casino has 9 tables, 79 slots gaming machines, and a casino bar. In 2014, nine new Single occupancy cabins were installed here (8 Oceanview and 1 Standard).
  • “The Golden Lion” has a traditional English pub lunch menu (various beers and cider).
  • “The Verandah Restaurant” (by J-M Zimmermann, reservations-only) replaces here the “Todd English” pub on QV and QM2.
  • “Queens Room” is the QE’s 2-tiered ballroom dancing venue, also used for evening parties.
  • The 2-leveled  “Britannia Restaurant” is the onboard dining venue for Britannia Cabins guests only.
  • “The Library” will impress you with a collection of more than 6,000 titles.
  • “Champagne Bar” (Veuve Clicquot) has its own resident pianist.
  • “Cafe Carinthia” is for pastries, fine teas, coffees.

QE Deck 3 planCunard Queen Elizabeth Deck 3 Plan

On the Queen Elizabeth deck 3 plan (left-right location) are the level 2 of the “Britannia Restaurant”, “Images” (photo studio), “Midships Bar”, “Card Room”, 2nd level of “The Library”, “Book Shop”, “Cunard ConneXions”, “Cunarders’ Gallery”, 2nd level of the “Queens Room”, “Art Gallery”, a complex of several Boutique Shops, and the level 2 of the “Royal Court Theatre”.

  • “Midships Bar” is themed RMS Queen Elizabeth classy bar.
  • “Art Gallery” serves art auctions at sea.
  • “Cunarders’ Gallery” is a mini museum with photographs of all Cunard ships with info on their history.

Queen Elizabeth deck plans of Decks 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (guest staterooms)

  • Queen Elizabeth deck 4 plan cabins – Balcony (A4, A5, A6, and A7-metalfronted, A4-Wheelchair), Oceanview cabins with Obstructed View (cat C4 and C5), Penthouses (Q3), Princess Suites (P3, P4, and P3-Wheelchair), Queens Suites (Q5 and Q7), and Standard Insides (D7 and D8).Cunard Queen Elizabeth Deck 4 Plan
  • Queen Elizabeth deck 5 plan cabins – Balcony (A4, A5, A6-Obstructed Views, and A4-Wheelchair), Penthouses (Q3), Princess Suites (P1 and P2), Queens Suites (Q5 and Q6), Standard Insides (cat D6).Cunard Queen Elizabeth Deck 5 Plan
  • Queen Elizabeth deck 6 plan cabins – the Queen Elizabeth’s Grand Suites here are named “The Charles Suite” and “The Illingworth Suite”. List of other cabins – Balcony (A3, A4, and A3-A4-Wheelchair), Deluxe Insides (D1 and D1-Wheelchair), Grand Suites (cat Q1), Oceanviews (cat C1), Penthouses (cat Q3), Princess Suites (P2), and Standard Insides (cat D5).Cunard Queen Elizabeth Deck 6 Plan
  • Queen Elizabeth deck 7 plan cabins – the QE’s other two Grand Suites here are named “The Roston Suite” and “The Bisset Suite”. Master Suites (Q2) here are named “The Thompson Suite” and “The Britten Suite”. List of other cabins – Balcony (A2, A3, and A2-Wheelchair). Penthouses (Q4), Princess Suites (P1), Queens Suites (Q7-Wheelchair), and Standard Insides (cat D4).Cunard Queen Elizabeth Deck 7 Plan
  • Queen Elizabeth deck 8 plan cabins – Balcony (A1, A2, and A1-Wheelchair), Club Balcony (AA and AA-Wheelchair), Deluxe Insides (cat D1), Penthouses (Q3), Princess Suites (P1), Queens Suite (Q5 and Q6), Standard Insides (cat D3).Cunard Queen Elizabeth Deck 8 Plan

QE Deck 9 planCunard Queen Elizabeth Deck 9 Plan

Queen Elizabeth deck 9 plan (left-right location) features a Lido Pool with 2 Whirlpools, Lido Pool bar and Grill, the Lido Restaurants (casual buffet dining), “The Garden Lounge”. Next is the “Pavilion Pool” area with a bar, 2 more Whirlpools and Hydropool. The QE ship’s “Cunard Royal Spa & Fitness Centre” is located forward, featuring Reception, Hair Salon, Thermal Suites, Aerobic Room.

  • The QE “Lido Restaurant” is seating 821-guests for casual dining with regional cuisine.
  • “The Garden Lounge” is the QE ship glass-domed greenery.
  • The Cunard Queen Elizabeth’s “Royal Spa and Fitness” boasts amazing sea views and exotic treatments in the menu.
  • (2014) new canopies-shaded areas.

Queen Elizabeth deck plans for Decks 10, 11, 12

On the Queen Elizabeth deck 10 plan (left-right location) you’ll find “The Zone” and “The Play Zone” kids-only facilities, “The Yacht Club” and the “Commodore Club”.

  • “The Zone” is a nursery for children ages 2-7, while “The Play Zone” is for children 8-12 (both supervised by professional staff).
  • “The Yacht Club” has its own resident DJ and music band, and spacious dance-floor.
  • “The Commodore Club” is a classy observation lounge with a bar and its own bow panoramic views.Cunard Queen Elizabeth Deck 10 Plan

On the Queen Elizabeth deck 11 plan you will find the Cunard’s Suite-passengers restaurants “Queens Grill” and “Princess Grill”, along with “The Courtyard”, and “The Grills Lounge” with the panoramic “Terrace”. “Games Deck” is located far right on the plan.

  • “Queens Grill” is for guests in Queens Grill Suites only (a la carte dining).
  • “Grills Lounge” is for pre-dinner cocktails. This venue opens onto the “The Terrace”.
  • “Games Deck” offers various games choices, also featuring game tournaments and competitions on tennis, quoits, golf, etc.Cunard Queen Elizabeth Deck 11 Plan

On the Queen Elizabeth deck 12 plan you’ll find the “Grills Terrace” upper level (sunbathing and canopies-shaded areas), which is accessible via 2 elevators.Cunard Queen Elizabeth Deck 12 Plan

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