Cunard Queen Elizabeth World Cruise

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This article is about the newest Cunard cruise ship Queen Elizabeth World Cruise 2015 itinerary with tickets prices information. More “sailing dates and prices” related information is available at the Cunard QE cruise itinerary, schedule and prices (including on the the Round The World Tour segments), and here you can see where is ms Queen Elizabeth ship now (current position).

The second by popularity of the very special Cunard liners,  QE2 “World Cruise” 2015 tour will depart from Southampton, England. And the newest Cunard ship will once again show the world what really means to plough the waters of the great oceans in style! And just like on all her voyages, the ms Queen Elizabeth ship “Cruise Around The World” has the ultimate goal to indulge passengers with exceptional, traditional and most British experiences at sea – the “Cunard White Star” style!Cunard Queen Elizabeth World Cruise itinerary information

Queen Elizabeth World Cruise 2016

The 121-day long Cunard Queen Elizabeth World Cruise 2016 itinerary is with a southbound route around Africa. Traditionally for Cunard Line, the Around The World 2016 voyage starts and ends in the UK (departure/arrival Southampton, England – January 10 – May 10). As feature destinations, the itinerary visits ports in Africa, Australia (South Pacific), Asia, Suez Canal (transition), and the Europe’s Mediterranean Sea.

The itinerary includes 42 ports in 25 different countries, also featuring 15 maiden ports of call visits. Its full length is 36,000 nautical ml (or 42,430 miles).

World Cruise 2016 itinerary map, ports

Cunard Queen Elizabeth World Tour in 2016 starts with Madeira (Jan 14), the Canaries (Gran Canaria Jan 15), Saint Helena island (Jan 21), Namibia (Walvis Bay /Jan 24), South Africa (Cape Town /Jan 26-27-28, Port Elizabeth /Jan 30), Reunion (Saint-Denis /Feb 3), Mauritius (Port Louis /Feb 4), Australia (Fremantle /Feb 12, Adelaide /Feb 16, Melbourne /Feb 18-19, Sydney /Feb 20-21, Newcastle /Feb 22, Brisbane /Feb 24, Yorky’s /Feb 27), Papua New Guinea (Rabaul /Mar 1), Philippines (Cebu /Mar 6, Manila /Mar 8), China (Hong Kong /Mar 10, Shanghai /Mar 13), South Korea (Busan /Mar 15), Cheju Do /Mar 16), Japan (Nagasaki /Mar 17, Kagoshima /Mar 18, Tokyo-Yokohama /Mar 20, Osaka-Kobe /Mar 22-23, Hiroshima /Mar 24, Naha /Mar 26), Taiwan (Keelung /Mar 28), Hong Kong (Mar 30), Vietnam (Nha Trang /Apr 1), Singapore (Apr 3-4), Malaysia (Penang /Apr 6), Thailand (Phuket /Apr 7), India (Cochin /Apr 13), UAE (Dubai /Apr 17), Oman (Salalah /Apr 20), Jordan (Aqaba /Apr 25), Egypt (Sharm El Sheikh /Apr 26, Port Suez /Apr 27, Port Said /Apr 27, Suez Canal transit /Apr 27), Turkey (Istanbul /Apr 30), Greece (Athens-Piraeus /May 2), Malta (Valletta /May 4), Spain (Valencia /May 6), to UK (disembarkation in Southampton on May 10, 2016).Cunard Queen Elizabeth World Cruise 2016 itinerary mapFor all available World Voyage 2016 segments follow the QE itinerary link above.

World Cruise 2016 prices

QE World Cruise 2016 prices are Per Person with UK flights included in the fares (US$, double occupancy, taxes and fees not included). cunard prices by cabin category are as follows: Inside Britannia staterooms ($13,700, or ), Oceanview Britannia staterooms ($14,200, or $117 PP pd), Balcony Britannia staterooms ($18,000, or $149 PP pd), Club Balcony staterooms ($25,400, or $210 PP pd), Princess Grill Suites (from $39,000, or $322 PP pd), and Queens Grill Suites (from $49,000, or $405 PP pd).

Queen Elizabeth World Cruise 2015

Cunard QE World Cruise 2015 Tour will be a 112-day deal round-trip from Southampton (embarkation/disembarkation port), from January 10 through May 2 (sail code Q503). The list of visited countries includes: USA (NY, FL), Caribbean (Bahamas, Curacao, Panama), Panama Canal transit, Costa Rica, Mexico, USA (CA, HI/Hawaii), the Samoa Islands, Tonga, New Zealand, Australia, New Guinea, in Asia – Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, India, UAE, Egypt, Suez Canal transit, in Europe – Turkey, Malta, Portugal, UK.

World Cruise 2015 itinerary map, ports

Queen Elizabeth World Tour 2015 call ports list: starts with the traditional Transatlantic crossing UK to New York (Jan18), Fort Lauderdale (21), Nassau (22), Willemstad (25), Panama Canal (27), Puntarenas (29), Cabo San Lucas (Feb2), Los Angeles (5), San Francisco (7 & 8), in Hawaii (Honolulu, 13, Maui, 14), Pago Pago (20), Apia ((22), Tonga (Nukualofa, 24), in New Zealand – Auckland (27), Bay of Islands (28), Sydney (Mar3 & 4), Brisbane (6), Yorky’s (9), Papua New Guinea (12), Yokohama/Tokyo (18), Nagasaki (20), Busan (21), Shanghai (23), Hong Kong (25 & 26), Nha Trang (28), Ho Chi Minh City (29), Bangkok (31), Cambodia (Sihanoukville, Apr1), Singapore (3), Kuala Lumpur (4), Mumbai (9), Abu Dhabi (12), Dubai (13), Safaga (20), Port Sokhna (21), on Apr22 (Port Said, Sokhna, Port Suez, and the Suez Canal transit), Istanbul (24 & 25), Malta (27), Lisbon (30), disembarkation in UK (in Southampton on May 3, 2015).

QE Cunard Queen Elizabeth World Cruise 2015 itinerary map

World Cruise 2015 prices

QE World Cruise 2015 prices are Per Person (US$, double occupancy, taxes and fees not included) – Inside Britannia staterooms $20,000, Oceanview Britannia staterooms $26,000, Balcony Britannia staterooms $28,000, Club Balcony staterooms $37,200, Princess Grill Suites from $57,000, Queens Grill Suites from $66,000.

Min-Max QE cruise rates per day – $179 (Interior) and $589 (Suite). Total Gov taxes and port fees: additional US$1536 PP. All prices listed here are based on the early booking QE cruise rates, allowing you to compare all price changes right until departure dates.

Cunard World Cruises on Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth World Cruise 2014 itinerary, map, ports

The Cunard QE World cruise 2014 was a deal for 118-nights – again departing from the port of Southampton (embarkation and disembarkation port), a round-trip from January 10 through May 9 (sail code Q403) to visit the following countries – USA (New York, Florida), Caribbean, a Panama Canal crossing, USA (California & Hawaii), Samoa, Tonga, New Zealand, Australia, in Asia – Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, India, UAE, a Suez Canal transit to visit ports in Egypt, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

QE2 Cunard Queen Elizabeth World cruise 2014 itinerary map

Queen Elizabeth 2 World Tour 2014 call ports: a Transatlantic crossing Southampton to New York City, then Fort Lauderdale, Aruba (Oranjestad), Costa Rica (Puerto Limon), the Panama Canal cruise (on January 27), Costa Rica (Puntarenas), San Francisco (on February 5), Honolulu, Lahaina, American Samoa (Pago Pago), Tonga (Nukualofa), in NZ – Tauranga, Auckland (on February 25), Bay of Islands, the Australia cruise will visit Sydney (on March 1), Brisbane and Hamilton Island, Papua New Guinea (Rabaul), in Japan calling on Kochi, Yokohama (to Tokyo, on March 17) and Nagasaki, South Korea (Busan), in China to call on Shanghai (on March 24), Xiamen and Hong Kong (on March 28), in Vietnam Halong Bay and Da Nang, Singapore (on April 4), in Malaysia – Klang (to Kuala Lumpur) and Penang, Sri Lanka (Colombo), India (Mumbai, on April 13), UAE – Abu Dhabi, Dubai (on April 18), Jordan (Aqaba), Egypt – Sharm El Sheikh, Port Sokhna, Port Suez, a Suez Canal crossing on April 29, Port Said, Italy (Naples), Spain (Palma De Mallorca) and Portugal (Lisbon) to disembark in Southampton on May 9.

World Cruise 2014 prices

QE2 World cruise 2014 prices are Per Person (USD, double occupancy, taxes and fees not included) – Inside Britannia $22,000, Oceanview Britannia $27,000, Balcony Britannia $30,000, Club Balcony $39,000, Princess Grill Suite $60,000, Queens Grill Suite $70,000, with Min-Max rates per day – $186 (Inside) and $593 (Suite).

World Cruise 2014 segments

The Queen Elizabeth 2014 Around-The-World trip additionally offered three more options with shorter and cheaper itineraries, departing from:

  • on January 18 2014 – a 110-night one-way World cruise leaving from New York City to Southampton, tickets prices: $20,400-$25,000-$27,900-$36,600-$55,700-$68,000 (plus $1,083 for Gov taxes/port fees).
  • on January 21 2014 – a 107-night one-way World cruise departing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to Southampton, prices: $20,400-$25,000-$27,900-$36,600-$55,700-$65,000 (plus $1,064 additional taxes/fees).
  • on February 6 2014 – a 91-night one-way World cruise from San Francisco, California, to Southampton, prices: $16,800-$20,600-$22,800-$31,500-$45,900-$53,600 (plus $821 for taxes/fees).
  • (January 10, from Southampton, UK)
  • 118-day round-trip
  • 45-day to Auckland, New Zealand
  • 50-day to Sydney, Australia
  • 52-day to Brisbane, Australia
  • 65-day to Yokohama (Tokyo), Japan
  • 72-day to Shanghai, China
  • 77-day to Hong Kong, China
  • 84-day to Singapore
  • 92-day to Mumbai, India
  • 98-day to Dubai
  • 11-day to Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • 8-day to NYC New York
  • 27-day to San Francisco
  • (January 18, from NYC New York, USA)
  • 110-day one-way New York to Southampton
  • 19-day to San Francisco
  • 42-day to Sydney, Australia
  • 44-day to Brisbane, Australia
  • 57-day to Yokohama (Tokyo), Japan
  • 76-day to Singapore
  • 90-day to Dubai
  • (January 21, from Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
  • 107-day one-way from Florida to UK
  • 16-day to San Francisco
  • 39-day to Sydney, Australia
  • 54-day to Tokyo, Japan
  • 73-day to Singapore
  • 87-day to Dubai
  • (February 6, from San Francisco, California)
  • 91-day one-way from San Francisco to Southampton
  • 18-day to Auckland, New Zealand
  • 23-day to Sydney, Australia
  • 25-day to Brisbane, Australia
  • 38-day to Tokyo, Japan
  • 57-day to Singapore
  • 71-day to Dubai
  • (February 25) 47-day from Auckland to Mumbai
  • (March 2, from Sydney Australia)

  • 68-day one-way from Sydney to Southampton
  • 15-day to Tokyo, Japan
  • 27-day to Hong Kong, China
  • 34-day to Singapore
  • 42-day to Mumbai, India
  • 48-day to Dubai
  • (March 4, from Brisbane Australia)
  • 13-day to Tokyo, Japan
  • 25-day to Hong Kong
  • 32-day to Singapore
  • 46-day to Dubai
  • 66-day to Southampton
  • (March 17, from Yokohama/Tokyo, Japan)
  • 12-day to Hong Kong
  • 19-day to Singapore
  • 33-day to Dubai
  • 53-day to UK
  • (March 29, from Hong Kong, China)
  • 21-day to Dubai
  • 41-day to Southampton
  • (April 5, from Singapore)
  • 14-day to Dubai
  • 34-day to UK
  • (April 19) 20-day from Dubai to UK.

World Cruise 2013 itinerary, map, prices

  • The Cunard QE World cruise 2013 was a 91-night round-trip from Southampton (as embarkation and disembarkation port, January 6 through April 7, sailing code Q302E). It was an option to visit some of the most popular destinations and ports, featuring the Caribbean, USA (Florida), a Panama Canal crossing, USA (California and Hawaii), the Samoa Islands, New Zealand, French Polynesia, to return again to USA with Hawaii and California, featuring a second Panama Canal cruise on its way back to Caribbean, Florida and New York, before the Southampton disembarkation in England.

Cunard QE2 World cruise 2013 itinerary map

  • World Tour 2013 ports of call: Southampton (embarkation), Madeira (Funchal), Antigua (St Johns), BVI (Tortola), Bahamas (Half Moon Cay – a private island, and Nassau, Fort Lauderdale, Jamaica (Falmouth), Bonaire (Kralendijk), Aruba (Oranjestad), through Panama Canal (on January 27), Costa Rica (Puntarenas), Mexico (Manzanillo), Los Angeles (on February 4), Hawaii (Honolulu), American Samoa (Pago Pago), Western Samoa (Apia), NZ (Auckland, Tauranga, Napier, Wellington), French Polynesia (Tahiti, Bora Bora), Hawaii again (Kahului, Hilo), Los Angeles (on March 12), Mexico (Puerto Vallarta), Nicaragua (San Juan del Sur), Costa Rica (Puntarenas), the 2nd Panama Canal crossing (on March 21), Curacao (Willemstad), Grand Cayman (George Town), Fort Lauderdale (on March 27), New York City (on March 30), and the Transatlantic cruise to Southampton (arriving on April 7).
  • World cruise prices 2013 Per Person in USD (based on 100% double occupancy, taxes and fees not included). World cruise 2013 cabin rates for the lowest grades in the following main categories: Inside Britannia $15,800, Ocean-view Britannia $18,000, Balcony Britannia $21,200, Club Balcony $33,000, Princess Grill Suite $65,300 and Queens Grill Suite $91,100, with Min-Max fares per day – $174 (Inside) and $1,000 (Suite).

At the QE cruise itinerary-schedule-prices survey (the top page link) you can compare all the World Cruise segments. There you will find all ms Queen Elizabeth ship cruises departing from USA (NYC New York, Fort Lauderdale Florida and California), from Australia and New Zealand, and also from Asia, and their indicative prices PP. Have the most exciting “Around The World” voyage on the Cunard Line’s newest Queen, and always happy Cunard QE sailings!

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