Cunard Queen Elizabeth 2 Ship Hotel

If you wonder what happened to the Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth 2 ship and where is the famous QE2 cruise ship now – read our QE2 ship latest news from Dubai. RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 cruise ship of Dubai to be sold to a Singapore private company.

Here we also give you the rms QE2 cruise ship details (specifications and statistics) and all the fun facts – all about her crew/passenger/fuel capacity, consumption, dimensions, weight, speed, location (where is the QE2 ship today/now) and more.

Queen Elizabeth 2 ship hotel in Dubai, UAE

According to the latest QE2 ship news, this historically iconic and most famous (and still not scrapped) ocean liner of the old she will be refitted and transformed into a floating luxury hotel in Southeast Asia. The rms Queen Elizabeth 2 ship owner Istithmar World (an UAE investment firm with assets in North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, a subsidiary of the Dubai World investment group) have decided to sell the ship to the Singapore-based investment holding Oceanic Group (a leading company in the Asia-Pacific cruise/leisure industry). The previous decision of Istithmar was the QE2 ship to be the luxury hotel hit on the “Palm Jumeirah” island (see the photo). RMS QE2 has been berthed in Port Rashid since her retirement from service in late 2008 when Dubai World (through Istithmar) acquired the ship from the Cunard Line for about £60 million – an absolutely great deal for the most famous UK cruise brand (well, probably after P&O) and its corporate owner Carnival Corporation & PLC, that’s for sure!

MS Queen Elizabeth 2 hotel (news)

  • (January 16, 2013) the QE2 ship sailed into dry-docks for an expensive refit and top-notch renovations. The latest decision of the Arabs is a direct result from the restructuring of the Dubai World’s $25 billion debt, as all Istithmar’s assets are to be sold off over the next 5-8 years. Just so you know – there was another suggestion from bank creditors who in 2011 asked Dubai to sell the QE2 ship for scrap to the Chinese for £20 million, another reason being the $1 million a month cost of keeping her berthed in Port Rashid. The Singapore company, backed by investors in China, will pay Dubai World about $1 million a year, with an option to purchase the QE2 ship hotel after ten years for a min price of $35 million.

After a dry-dock refurbishment, RMS QE2 was scheduled to sail to Hong Kong to start a brand new life as a top-class luxury hotel. According to the renovation plans, the Hong Kong hotel-ship guests will have the happy choice of choosing among her 100 suites (sizes range from 500- to 1200 sq-ft) and 300 Hotel-deluxe staterooms (sizes from 300- to 800 sq-ft), while dining options will include 7 restaurants and 10 bars&lounges. Additional spending opportunities – a line of top luxury boutique shops and the Royal Spa/Fitness facility. I am so glad this cruise liner has a better fate than the ms Mardi Gras ship! The Carnival Cruise Lines’ first ever ship – and the whole Carnival’s early history – was scrapped away for a petty money profit for all the CCL’s “starving” shareholders!

  • (July 7, 2013) the QE2 cruise ship will leave Dubai (October 18, 2013) to be converted into a luxury ship hotel (an extensive dry-dock refit and refurbishment in China). The announcement was made at a press conference in Dubai. The iconic Cunard liner will visit Singapore (the expected day is November 1, for a 3-day stay) and Hong Kong (Nov 4, another 3 days stay) before heading to China for the transformation. The cost of the overhaul is ~US$90 million (conversion to be completed in 2014).

The QE2 ship is now owned by a Dubai-based invest consortium (called “QE2 Shipping LLC”), the ship has been brought back into the Lloyd’s Register by teams from the Dubai’s shipyard operator “Drydocks World” and the “Oceanic Group”. She was also provided with a crew of 32. The QE2 is currently undergoing various repairs and renewals, among which engine upgrades (to make the ship seaworthy), hull, structural and safety checks, various systems inspections (including ballast tanks, air conditioning, cooling), cleaning (including of deep tanks and diesel oil tanks), refits of stabilizers, bow thrusters, etc.

  • (October 2013 QE2 news update) The Cunard Queen Elizabeth 2 “cruise ship to luxury ship hotel” transformation job will be done by COSCO (EN site). One of the China’s largest companies, COSCO signed this so special contract with the QE2 ship’s new owner via a joint venture company – COSCO Shipyard Group (COSCO and the “Sembcorp Marine”, Singapore). The project’s final year is 2015.
  • (November 2014 news update) A shocking news about Cunard QE2 ship was spread around the world right in the end of 2014. At one of the places where royalty and celebrity persons used to sip their cocktails, Dubai workmen dressed in cheap shorts and greasy T-shirts enjoy a pig BBQ made out of an oil barrel. The former Cunard flagship ms Queen Elizabeth 2 is simply left to rot in Dubai. The photo shows how the renovation plan for the world’s most famous Cunard cruise liner appear to have stalled. The past 6 years QE2 ship spent docked in Dubai – awaiting its planned renovation in obscurity, and sadness in the Middle East.

Cunard QE2 ship news - the roasted pig barbecue

  • In 2013 was officially announced that QE2 will sail again, with a scheduled departure for October 2013. The happy-fans itinerary was supposed to lead to China. Cunard QE2 is the last vessel of her type. It is British designed and built, originally was British crewed. Currently docked in Dubai, the ship is simply in the wrong place. My personal opinion – this is an insult to the UK’s proud maritime history.
  • In 2017, the Dubai-based company Shafa Construction announced its plans for an extensive dry-dock refurbishment of the liner.
  • In April 2018, the shipowner “QE2 Dubai” announced that the vessel spent 2 weeks in dry-dock for deep cleaning and repainting, took its final voyage back to Port Mina Rashid for final restoration works. According to the shipowner, RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 ship hotel rooms and suites were thoughtfully restored, fitted with all modern technological conveniences. Rooms’ interior design features dark wood paneling, comfortable bedding, vintage appliances, windows (original portholes, floor-ceiling-windows and private balconies) peering out either onto Gulf of Arabia or Dubai City’s skyline. The lobby houses an interactive QE2-themed museum complete with actual and replicated items and reproducing the ship’s Navigation Bridge, one passenger cabin (First Class stateroom) and the Queens Room. The exhibition is self-guided, with sound effects and digital panels displaying information in English and Arabic.
  • First bookings for the QE2 ship hotel “rooms” were opened on April 18, 2018.
  • On April 28, 2018, the vessel started its “luxury hotel ship” service in Dubai UAE. Room prices (per night, double occupancy) vary between USD 260 (GBP) and USD 380 (GBP 268. The ship offers 6 cabin grades (Standard through Deluxe).

MS Queen Elizabeth 2 renovation – plans for the QE2 ship transformation into a luxury hotel

Representatives of some of the biggest shipyards in China (among which Cosco, Rong Sheng, China Merchant, China Shipping) were invited to Dubai for the QE2 inspection. Their tech teams are currently preparing the work scope based on all the inspections of the vessel. At the next press conference (scheduled for August in Shanghai, China) will be officially announced the name of the shipyard where the QE2 ship transformation will be done. All the ms Queen Elizabeth 2 ship memorabilia will be removed from her, shipped to Singapore and stored there in a secured warehouse. After her renovation, they will be reassembled.

QE2 Cunard Queen Elizabeth 2 ship hotel

On the new QE2 interior design aspects, several international design companies (among which Benoy, Francis Leung, Ong&Ong, Lynn Wilson Associates, Jeday Associates) are submitting design plans. Some of the last changes (to the original plans) are the QE2 ship to become an all suite hotel (accommodation sizes to vary from 60 to 150 m2 (646 to 1615 ft2), larger suites will be for longstay residences. Their designs will be submitted and placed on the where visitors will be able to vote for the best design.

The right scheme shows the Cunard QE2 cruise ship hotel transformation plans (the project is officially named “The QE2-New Life”). Click on the image to enlarge and see in details what’s becoming what.

Cunard QE2 cruise ship details- specifications, statistics, facts

  • passenger capacity (1791), max capacity/all berths (1892).
  • crew capacity (1040).
  • fuel capacity (4381 tons) enough for around 7800 ml (at 32,5kn – 60km/h – 37,5mph), fuel consumption (18 tons an hour – 433 tons a day).
  • year built – 1967 (46 year old now), where was QE2 built (builder) “John Brown & Co” (Clydebank, Scotland, UK), ordered 1964, laid down 1965, launched 1967. First cruise (maiden) on 2 May 1969. Christened/godmother: 20 September 1967 by HM Queen Elizabeth II of England.
  • cost to build – £29 million (£420 mill as of 2013). The QE2 was the Cunard’s flagship for nearly 40 years (until succeeded by the RMS Queen Mary 2 ship in 2004).
  • how big was the QE2 (dimensions) – length (963ft – 293,5m), width (105ft – 32 m), height (171ft – 52m).
  • QE2 weight/tonnage (as built/after the 1994 refit) 69053/70327tons, net weight 36038/37182t, deadweight 11649t, displacement (loaded) 48923, draft (32ft – 9,8 m), passenger decks (12), 5 restaurants, 2 cafes, 3 swimming pools, 1 pub, 1 night-club, a 481-seat theater, 1 Casino, a Shopping Promenade, a Health Club, 1 Beauty Salon, 1 Library (6000 books), a hospital, a Computer Learning Centre.
  • QE2 speed: max/top speed (34kn/39mph/63kmh), service (28,5kn/33mph/53kmh), astern/backwards (20kn/23mph/37kmh), fuel efficiency 125ft per gallon.
  • fuel consumption/range: 380t per day (or 50ft/gallon) at 28,5kn; range (all fuel tanks full) 12 days non-stop sailing at 28,5kn and 30-days at 20kn.
  • power/engines/propulsion: 9 x Man B&W 9L58/64 9-cylinder turbo diesel engines (power 10625 kW at 400rpm), 2 x propellers (5-bladed, variable pitch, diameter 22ft/6,7m, weight 42t each), 2 GEC propulsion motors (2 x 44MW), 2 x bow thrusters (power 1000hp), 4 x Brown Brothers stabilizers (length 12ft/3,7m), rudder weight 75t. During the ship’s refit in 1986/87 (costing around £100 million) were fitted 9 x MAN L58/64  replacing her old steam plant. The new diesel engines drive CEC generators (electrical power of 10,5 MW at 10000 volts each), each engine weighs appr 120t. The electrical power generated was used to drive the 2 main propulsion motors (diameter 29,5/9m, weight 400t each). Total power ouput 95MW
  • During its 40-year service as Cunard Transatlantic cruise liner from Southampton and New York, the QE2 ship carried nearly 2, 5 million passengers on over 700 Transatlantic crossings since 1967. The ship left the Southampton port for the last time in Nov 2008 when the vessel was sold to Dubai owners for GBP 70 million.
  • identification – IMO number (6725418), Call-sign (YJVW6), MMSI number (576059000). Flag-state (registration) UK-Southampton (1968-2009), Vanuatu-Port Vila (2009-now) – acquired: by Istithmar Investment (Dubai World) on 27 Nov 2008.

Cunard Queen Elizabeth 2 ship

Cunard Queen Elizabeth 2 ship history

  • The QE2 first ever sailing was 5 day-16 hours-35 min Transatlantic crossing from Southampton to NYC New York.
  • Her first passenger was Prince Charles (leaving from the Clydebank shipyard to a drydock in Greenock)
  • Her first captain was William Warwick
  • (1971) QE2 participated in the rescue of some 500 passengers from the French ship SS Antilles.
  • (1986/87 refit) the ship underwent a major refurbishment – QE2 was converted from steam to diesel power.
  • (May 1982) QE2 took part in the Falklands War carrying troops and volunteer crew. The ship was refitted in preparation for war service with 3 helicopter pads, public lounges was transformed into dormitories, a fuel pipes installation through the ship down to the engine room to allow refueling at sea.
  • (7 Aug 1992) her hull was seriously damaged when QE2 ran aground south of Cuttyhunk Island.
  • (1994) the QE2 ship was given a multimillion refurbishment in Hamburg, Germany under the code name “Project Lifestyle” (major public room changes, a Royal Blue hull, the Heritage Trail was added.
  • (1995) the ship encountered a rogue wave (90ft/27m) by Hurricane Luis (North Atlantic)
  • (1996) during the 20th QE2 world cruise, the ship completed her 4 millionth mile (the equivalent of 185 times around the Earth).
  • (1999) QE2 ship celebrated her 30th anniversary. For that time she had 1159 sailings, sailed 4,648,050 nmi/5,347,018 ml/8,605,209km & carried over 2 million passengers.
  • (1998) the Cunard Line was accquired by Carnival Corp
  • (1999) the ship was given a USD$30 million refurbishment, which also included painting her in the traditional Cunard colors of matte black hull and white superstructure.
  • (2004) she stopped her traditional “Transatlantic crossing” route and began to sail regular cruises around the Mediterranean.
  • (20 Feb 2007) on her world cruise, QE2 met RMS QM2 (sailing her first world cruise) in Sydney Harbour, AU.
  • (18 June 2007) the Cunard Line announced that the QE2 ship is sold to the Dubai World’s company Istithmar for $100 million.
  • (13 January 2008) before her retirement, the QE2 ship met in NYC New York the Cunard’s QV and QM2 ships near the Statue of Liberty (the 3 Cunard liners met again in Southampton England on 22 April 2008).
  • (16-22 Oct 2008) her last Transatlantic crossing (NYC to Southampton) in tandem with rms QM2.
  • (11 Nov 2008) the “QE2’s Final Voyage”. At the time of her retirement the Queen Elizabeth 2 ship had sailed nearly 6 mill ml/9,66 km, carried 2,5 mill passengers, completed 806 Transatlantic crossings.
  • The Cunard Queen Elizabeth 2 cruise itinerary list also included: (per year) a world cruise (of about 80 days), 30 Transatlantic crossings, other cruises departing from Southampton and New York City, party cruises, ‘themed’ sailings.
  • She was one of the very last and fastest Transatlantic cruise liners ever. Read all the rest about the rms Queen Elizabeth 2 ship fascinating history at our unbelievably amazing Wikipedia website. And if you wanna know where is QE2 now:

Cunard Queen Elizabeth 2 current position

On the VesselFinder’s map below you can see where is QE2 cruise ship now.

Too bad Cunard decided to relocate such an important piece of their unique history to Asia. In my modest opinion, they should have retired their ocean lady and make her a hotel in London, or Southampton – some place British, and definitely not Asian. People should export goods, not history. The same mistake was made by the parent company Carnival, with their first ever ship Mardi Gras (former name rms Empress of Canada) – sold for scrap. Shame – scrapping ocean liner history for paper money when they can profit way much more by using these ships as hotels or museums! But again, these are companies, not people, and a company thinks money. But the fact still remains – that they are selling luxury history for cheap money. And I probably should omit “cheap” here – paper always comes cheap.
rms Queen Elizabeth 2 cruise ship

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