MS Queen Elizabeth Position (Current Location Ship Tracker)

We’ll start directly with the link to the newest Cunard cruise ship MS Queen Elizabeth current position at VesselFinder.Com. The VF website will give you the Queen Elizabeth ship location on the map of the seas and oceans in the world. But before you leave us, take a peek at the (cruise) ship tracking information presented within this article.

The Cunard Queen Elizabeth ship position link will redirect you to VesselFinder, which is a relatively new but very prosperous global AIS ship tracker, providing a free service of tracking ships at sea. This (cruise) ship tracker website displays a real time data on marine vessels positions detected by the world’s global AIS network. Some of the site’s best features are its biggest-big ships&ports database, a huge gallery of pictures and photos of many many thousands of ships, interesting news and lots of other stuff.

MS Queen Elizabeth Position

The current position of the Queen Elizabeth ship on your screen is a product of their AIS ship tracking software data processing – but what it is and how it works? The great majority of ships are fitted with an AIS (“Automatic Identification System”) transponder which broadcasts the ship’s name, position, speed, itinerary, and other data. The AIS equipment transmits at regular intervals data (provided by the ship’s own GPS) via a VHF radio antenna. All transmissions are received by AIS transponders which could be installed either on other ships or land-based radio receiving and data processing systems. Unique to each ship are the following numbers – its IMO number (of 7 digits, which is given by the IMO organization (IMO stands for “International Maritime Organization”), its MMSI number (of 9 digits, MMSI is an abbreviation for “Maritime Mobile Service Identity”) and its call sign (used in broadcasting as an unique designation for a particular transmitting station, in this case – a ship).

Cunard ms Queen Elizabeth ship position at VesselFinder COMGenerally speaking, the Queen Elizabeth location tracking is not different than any other cruise ship (marine vessel) tracking process – the ship’s equipment transmits, one or more transponders receive, process and share their data via Internet, the website’s server gets this data, process it in its own manner and displays the info on your screen. It is a simple as that!

These are the three special numbers as far as the ms Queen Elizabeth cruise ship position (AIS tracking) is concerned:

  • IMO number: 9477438
  • MMSI number: 310625000
  • (new) Call Sign: ZCEF2. The old one was GBTT, and it was changed in 2011 when the Cunard line re-registered its three ships – their current flag-state is Bermuda (Hamilton).

So go find where is the Queen Elizabeth cruise ship right now! Have always happy and fun Cunard QE2 cruises on the newest of the world’s most famous ocean liners!