Queen Elizabeth Cruises

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This is a review of Cunard Queen Elizabeth cruises 2015-2016-2017 itinerary schedule. It shows the complete Queen Elizabeth cruise ship itinerary program and schedule (sailing calendar with all departure dates). This page also shows information on Queen Elizabeth cruise prices – what are cheapest QE tickets prices, so you can compare rates changes by season.

The newest Cunard cruise ship Queen Elizabeth is one of the most prominent passenger liners listed in the Southampton cruise ship schedule (the UK’s largest cruise port departures and arrivals). At the following links you’ll find info on tracking the ms Queen Elizabeth current location, a review of the Queen Elizabeth cruise ship as amenities/facilities, and also info about the QE ship at her page at the Cunard Line’s website.

Cunard Queen Elizabeth cruises

The Queen Elizabeth ship is an iconic liner – just like the destinations she’s cruising to. She offers each year a luxury Around The World voyage round-trip from Southampton, England. The QE World Tour’s duration is of 3+ months (also segmented into several one-way itineraries, including a Panama Canal transit). The QE ship also operates regularly round-trip cruises from Southampton to Northern Europe – in the Baltic region (Arctic Norway and the Norwegian Fjords, Scandinavia and Russia), Iceland, Around Britain (British Isles), Canary Islands, and also Mediterranean. Like all Cunard ships, QE has short and mini cruise deals from UK to Europe.

During summer, Queen Elizabeth operates one-way Eastern and Western Mediterranean cruises visiting the biggest ports in Spain, France, Italy, Greece (including the Greek Isles) and Turkey, and also in Adriatic Sea (Dalmatian Coast) visiting Croatia and Montenegro.

Cunard Queen Elizabeth itinerary 2015-2016-2017

The Queen Elizabeth cruise ship itinerary program for 2015-2016 offers the following options:

  • Cunard Queen Elizabeth cruise itinerary informationCunard deals on cruises departing from Southampton UK:
  • UK to Canary Islands (April)
  • round-trip Southampton to Western Med (in April) and a Christmas New Year cruise) and one-way (repositioning) cruises from Southampton to Rome or Venice.
  • Baltic cruise from UK to Scandinavia and Russia (St Petersburg) and UK to Norway (Norwegian Fjords and North Cape cruises) – operated during the summer months.
  • Around Britain (British Isles cruise deals) and short (mini) breaks from UK to Europe (in the summer).
  • One-way and round-trip Mediterranean cruises from Italy (Rome and Venice) and Greece (Athens) are operated during Summer and Fall – visiting Greece and the Greek Isles, Turkey, Croatia, France and Spain.
  • One-way (relocation) Mediterranean to and from UK (leaving from Southampton in early Summer and from Rome and Venice in late Fall).
  • All Queen Elizabeth cruises from Southampton UK are with round-trip itineraries, unless indicated as “one-way”.
  • In 2016-2017, Cunard Queen Elizabeth ship will visit 5 new ports of call in: Croatia (Zadar), Denmark (Skagen), the UK (Stornoway /on Isle of Lewis, Scotland), France (Villefranche /port to Nice) and Morocco (Tangier). The ship continues to operate regular Cunard departures from Southampton (round-trip cruises).

Around The World cruise leaving from Southampton (round-trip and one-way segments) – operated from January to April or May each year.

  • (2015) 112-night from Southampton (January 10 – May 2, code is Q503). Visited countries/regions: USA, Caribbean, Panama Canal, Costa Rica, Mexico, USA, Samoa, Tonga, New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, India, UAE, Egypt, Suez Canal, Turkey, Malta, Portugal.
  • (2016) 121-night from Southampton (January 10 – May 10, code is Q603). Visited countries/regions: Madeira, Canary Islands, Africa (Namibia, South Africa), Indian Ocean, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Asia (Philippines, China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Dubai, Egypt), Suez Canal, Turkey, Greece, Malta, Spain.

Queen Elizabeth cruise schedule prices

All dates in our one-page Cunard Queen Elizabeth 2 schedule calendar have their corresponding cruise booking code (shown in brackets).

Cunard Queen Elizabeth cruise schedule (QE ship sailing calendar, departure dates)

  • Our Queen Elizabeth cruise schedule features min prices Per Person (in USD), which are the cheapest rates on the QE ship lowest category “Inside Britannia” cabins.
  • Our Queen Elizabeth cruise prices show only the cheapest category cabin rates on staterooms still available for booking. So when you compare prices, the most cheap rates could be on higher than Interior cabin grades, thus comparatively expensive.
  • All Queen Elizabeth cruise prices are based on double occupancy. Rates are only indicative – they will change with sailing dates approaching, available discounts on Cunard deals, different agencies offers, late deals, etc.

The list of Queen Elizabeth cruise deals booking tips starts with the Cunard Line’s policy on reservations and staterooms occupancy. Just like with the other two fleet mates, the Cunard line requires on all QE cruise deals a deposit for reservations of 25%, with all rates being based on 100% double occupancy.

As a rule, cheapest Cunard cruise tickets prices are attainable by early booking on Britannia Inside cabins, and especially by booking Cunard last minute cruise deals – when you book just a few days before departure dates. The Cunard late deals are the perfect chance for a sample sailing on the magnificent Queen Elizabeth cruise liner – and the most sure way to enjoy the Princess Grill Suite category for a very cheap price.

QUEEN ELIZABETH cruises 2015 itinerary schedule

All Cunard QE 2015 World Cruise segments have the sail code Q503. See the World Tour link (at top page) for detailed itinerary and ports information.

Queen Elizabeth cruises 2015

MAY 2015 Baltic, Mediterranean from UK

  • (May 3) 2-day mini cruise from Southampton to Hamburg- prices from $440.
  • (May 5) 5-day round-trip from Hamburg to Amsterdam (May 7 & 8) – from $800.
  • (May 9) 18-day Baltic from Hamburg to Southampton, visiting Southampton (11), Oslo (13), Copenhagen (14), Stockholm (16), Estonia (Tallinn, 17), Russia (St Petersburg, 18 & 19), Germany (Warnemunde/Berlin, 21), Scotland (Kirkwall, 23), Liverpool (25), to Southampton- from $8600 /oceanview.
  • (May 9) 2-day mini cruise from Hamburg to Southampton – prices from $400.
  • (May 11) 16-day Baltic cruise from UK, round-trip from Southampton to Oslo (13), Copenhagen (14), Stockholm (16), Tallinn (17), St Petersburg (18 & 19), Warnemunde (21), Kirkwall (23), Liverpool (25) – from $3500.
  • (May 27) 1-day Mediterranean from Southampton, round-trip to Cadiz (30), Sicily (Messina, June 2), Greece (Corfu, 3), Croatia (Dubrovnik, 4), Venice (5), Croatia (Korcula, 6), Gibraltar (10) – from $3300.

JUNE 2015 Baltic, Mediterranean from Southampton

  • (June 13) 3-day mini cruise to Channel Islands (Guernsey, June 15) – prices from $500 pp.
  • (June 16) 16-day Southampton to Hamburg, visiting Gibraltar (19), Sardinia (Cagliari, 21), Naples (22), Rome (23), Monte Carlo (24), Barcelona (25), Cadiz (27), Southampton (30), to Hamburg- from $3200.
  • (June 16) 14-day Mediterranean from Southampton – from $2800.
  • (June 30) 14-day Baltic from Southampton, visiting Hamburg (July 2), Copenhagen (4), Stockholm (6), Estonia (Tallinn, 7), Russia (St Petersburg (8 & 9), Germany (Kiel, 11), Belgium (Bruges, 13) – from $3200.
  • (June 30) 2-day mini cruise Southampton to Hamburg- $400 pp.

JULY 2015 Iceland, Baltic, Mediterranean from UK

  • (July 2) 9-day Baltic from Hamburg to Kiel, visiting Copenhagen, Stockholm, Tallinn, St Petersburg, Russia (8 & 9), to Kiel- prices from $2000.
  • (July 11) 3-day short break from Kiel to Southampton, visiting Zeebrugge /to Bruges (13) – from $500.
  • (July 11) 15-day from Kiel to Iceland and Southampton – $3230.
  • (July 14) 12-day Iceland cruise from Southampton, round-trip to Dublin (16), Belfast (17), Iceland (Reykjavik, 19, Isafjord, 20, Akureyri, 21), Faroe Islands (Thorshavn, 23), Scotland (Kirkwall, 24) – from $2700.
  • (July 26) 16-day Mediterranean from Southampton to Vigo (28), Lisbon (29), Gibraltar (30), French Riviera (St Raphael, Aug 1), La Spezia (2), Rome (3), Corsica (Ajaccio, 4), Cadiz (6) – from $3000.
  • (July 26) 14-day Med from Southampton to Hamburg (Aug 11) – from $3420.

AUGUST 2015 Mediterranean, Baltic, Norway Fjords from UK

  • (August 9) 14-day Baltic from Southampton to Hamburg (11), Copenhagen (13), Stockholm (15), Estonia (16), Russia (17 & 18), Kiel (20), Zeebrugge/Bruges (22)- prices from $3200.
  • (August 11) 9-day Baltic from Hamburg to Kiel- $2000.
  • (August 20) 3-day short break from Kiel to Southampton with Zeebrugge (22) – $500 pp.
  • (August 23) 7-day from Southampton to Norway Fjords, visiting Bergen (25), Geiranger (26), Flam (27), Stavanger (28) – from $1600.
  • (August 30) 16-day Mediterranean cruise from Southampton, roundtrip to Vigo (Sept 1), Lisbon (2), Cadiz (3), Barcelona (5), Monaco (6 & 7), Livorno (8), Rome (9), Cartagena (11), Gibraltar (12) – from $3200.

SEPTEMBER 2015 Mediterranean cruise from Southampton

  • (September 15) 17-day UK round-trip to Leixoes (17), Sicily (Messina, 21), Greece (Argostoli, 22), Croatia (Dubrovnik, 23), Venice (24), Croatia (Split, 25), Greece (Corfu, 26), Gibraltar (29), in Southampton on Oct 2 – prices from $3300 pp.

OCTOBER 2015 Mediterranean from UK

  • (October 2) 5-day short break from Southampton to Amsterdam (4 & 5) and Zeebrugge/Bruges (6) – prices from $900 pp.
  • (October 7) 14-day Southampton to Gibraltar (10), Sardinia (12), Naples (13), Rome (14), Monte Carlo (15), Barcelona (16), Cadiz (18) – from $2800.
  • (October 21) 17-day Southampton to Cadiz (24), Sicily (Messina, 27), Corfu (28), Dubrovnik (29), Venice (30), Korcula (31), Gibraltar (Nov 4) – from $3200.

NOVEMBER 2015 Canaries, Transatlantic UK to Caribbean

  • (November 7) 11-day “Canary Islands” cruise from Southampton to Lisbon (10), Arrecife (12), Gran Canaria (13), Madeira (Funchal, 14), La Coruna (16) – prices from $1900 pp.
  • (November 18) 24-day round-trip Transatlantic cruise from Southampton to Caribbean, visiting Azores (Ponta Delgada, 22), Barbados (28), St Lucia (29), St Maarten (30), BVI (Tortola, Dec 1), Antigua (2), Azores (Horta, 8), in Southampton on Dec 12 – prices from $3900 pp.

DECEMBER 2015 Canary Islands from Southampton

  • (December 12) 10-day Southampton to Canary Islands (Arrecife, 16, Gran Canaria, 17), Madeira (18), La Coruna (20) – prices from $1700.
  • (December 22) 15-day “Christmas and New Year” cruise from Southampton to Canaries (Arrecife, 26, St Cruz De La Palma, 27, Gran Canaria, 28, Tenerife, 29), Madeira (Funchal, Dec 30 & 31), Cadiz (2), Lisbon (3), in Southampton on January 6 – prices from $2900 pp.

QUEEN ELIZABETH cruises 2016 itinerary schedule

All Queen Elizabeth 2016 World Cruise segments are with the booking code Q603. See the World Tour link (at top page) for detailed itinerary and ports information.

JANUARY 2016 cruises from UK & South Africa

  • (January 10 departures from Southampton, England, UK)
  • 17-day from Southampton to Cape Town, South Africa $1900
  • 42-day from Southampton to Sydney, Australia $4950
  • 60-day from Southampton to Hong Kong $7250
  • 70-day from Southampton to Tokyo, Japan $8400
  • 80-day from Southampton to Hong Kong $9570
  • 98-day from Southampton to Dubai $11700
  • 121-day Wolrd Cruise from southampton (round-trip) $13,650 PP.
  • (January 27 departures from Cape Town, South Africa)
  • 25-day from Cape Town to Sydney, Australia $3000
  • 43-day from Cape Town to Hong Kong $5250
  • 63-day from Cape Town to Hong Kong $7600
  • 81-day from Cape Town to Dubai $9700
  • 104-day world cruise from Cape Town to Southampton $12,370 PP.

FEBRUARY 2016 cruises from Australia

  • (February 21 departures from Sydney, Australia)
  • 18-day from Sydney to Hong Kong $2200
  • 28-day from Sydney to Tokyo, Japan $3450
  • 30-day from Sydney to Osaka, Japan $3700
  • 38-day from Sydney to Hong Kong $4670
  • 56-day from Sydney to Dubai, UAE $6770
  • 79-day world cruise from Sydney to Southampton $9200 PP.

MARCH 2016 Asia cruises from China and Japan

  • (March 10 departures from Hong Kong, China)
  • 10-day from Hong Kong to Tokyo $1250
  • 12-day from Hong Kong to Osaka $1500
  • 20-day from Hong Kong roundtrip $2500
  • 25-day from Hong Kong to Singapore $3100
  • 38-day from Hong Kong to Dubai $4700
  • 61-day from Hong Kong to Southampton $7100.
  • (March 20 departures from Yokohama/Tokyo, Japan)
  • 10-day from Tokyo to Hong Kong $1300
  • 15-day from Tokyo to Singapore $1800
  • 28-day from Tokyo to Dubai $3500
  • 51-day from Tokyo to Southampton $6200.
  • (March 22 departures from Kobe/Osaka, Japan)
  • 8-day from Osaka to Hong Kong $800
  • 13-day from Osaka to Singapore $1000
  • 26-day from Osaka to Dubai $3200
  • 49-day from Osaka to Southampton $6000.
  • (March 30 departures from Hong Kong, China)
  • 5-day from Hong Kong to Singapore $700
  • 18-day from Hong Kong to Dubai $2200
  • 41-day from Hong Kong to Southampton $4800.

APRIL 2016 Asia cruises from Dubai and Singapore

  • (April 4) 13-day from Singapore to Dubai $1500
  • (April 17) 23-day from Dubai to Southampton $2600.

MAY 2016 Southampton cruises from UK

  • (May 10) 2-day short break from Southampton to Hamburg- prices from $350 PP.
  • (May 12) TBA soon.

Happy Cunard Queen Elizabeth cruise vacations on the newest Cunard liner! To book early your Cunard cruise deals is the safest way to ensure you’ll get the best cabin locations at their cheapest rates. This, along with the Cunard last minute deals, are your perfect chances to enjoy at reasonable to most affordable cruise prices a Cunard’s White-star luxury vacation on this amazing ship. Queen Elizabeth cruise ship itinerary and the Britain’s most famous old-fashion charming Cunard line will always guarantee a “Grand Luxury” cruising experience . And know that no matter which one of the three Cunard Queens you book, you will enjoy every minute of your Cunard Queen Elizabeth cruises – they are worth every penny they cost, with a huge emotional value added!

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